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Benefits of a Smaller Assisted Living Home

Our Colorado Springs Assisted Living Home has an experienced registered nurse, who completes resident assessments. Kristine Frese, co-owner and resident of the home, is an experienced caregiver. There is additional staffing to provide 24/7 access to care – much like a larger chain Assisted Living facility would offer.

While our home is limited to eight Assisted Living residents, it is spacious with seven bedrooms and approximately 5,500 square feet of living space. There are very few facilities in greater Colorado Springs, let alone elsewhere, that offer the amount of living space per square foot per resident as our Colorado Springs Assisted Living Facility. Some residents move into our home and other smaller Colorado Springs Assisted Living homes from apartments, but most move from their residential home and are accustomed to the living areas and space, let alone the home-like atmosphere that residents will find in our home or some other smaller Colorado Springs Assisted Living homes.

While a large building with many wings can profess to offer a home-like environment, our home is just that and has all of the trappings of homes similar to our residents’ prior homes.

We encourage residents to bring their own furniture and personal decor and take the extra time to support them in decorating their new home within our home.

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