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Why Assisted Living is Better Living

While many seniors are fortunate to have adult children living nearby who are nearing retirement or are retired and have the time and resources to be full-time caregivers, there are the majority of seniors in need who are not as fortunate. When adult children are available to care for their parents or grandparents, few have the experience of professional caregivers like those at Assisted Living facilities. Wealthy seniors and their families can afford to pay for 24/7 in-home caregivers, but this option is far too expensive for the overwhelmingly majority of potential Assisted Living residents.

It may be difficult to quantify care when it comes to the services provided by a nurse, 24/7 caregivers, the Executive Director and other staff members at an Assisted Living facility who provide personal care, dietary supervision and activities. The physical care a patient receives can be measured more so than care given by professionally trained staff and their interaction with residents.

Assisted Living facilities have another advantage in that they have access to exercise equipment, fitness classes and trained staff to maintain (and even improve) physical wherewithal.

Assisted Living facilities also promote social interaction between staff and other residents which leads to a happier and cheerful life as opposed to seniors living alone in their home.

For so many reasons Assisted Living facilities can be the better choice, especially those with a smaller, home-like environment.

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